Friday, March 13, 2009


Funny Sentence

I loved a gangster in a hole because that's how I roll.


This spring break I'm going on a mission trip with my church to Arlington to do some VBS type of stuff with the kids that are on break as well but don't have anything to do. If I wasn't doing this I probably would want to go skiing.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

KP Save The Day

Amazing is the only way I can describe the way that KP defeated Tucker the Demagogue, who was very crass.

Beside him was his assistant Waldron, who had just been recruited to his team.

Cult is probably how I would have to describe there

Damages to the world had sent it into chaos and they were its only hope.

Exactly after Canada's civil war ended, which left them quite destitute, KP and Waldron sprung into action.

Fighting ensued with the Demagogue when they arrived in Oklahoma City. (Place of all evil)

"Get out of there" KP shouted to Waldron.

Hiding in the corrner Waldron planed out his strategy.

Immediately Waldron had an idea that he would sneak up behind the demagogue.

Jumping into action he sprang into the air.

Kicking the Demagogue in the back sounded like a good idea but it hurt him more then the Demagogue.

Lunging in KP uppercutted the Demagogue.

Managing to get back up the Demagogue threw them both against the wall.

No body could keep them down though.

Opting that the Demagogue would chase them they fled.

Perusing them the Demagogue began to throw things at them.

"Quit" Waldron yelled as he began to get frustrated with getting hit by chairs.

Roughly about a minute passed before they made a full circle in the building.

"Stop" Waldron shouted as they realized what happened.

Trying the other way this time they started running again.

"U-turn" KP said as he realized they couldn't get out on this path.

"Vertical" Waldron screamed as he saw a sunroof, he was beginning to get a little Nerves that they might not make it out.

Without hesitating they jumped through the sunroof and in to the open.

X-tream fighting commenced and finally they were able to defeat the Demagogue.

"Yes" they both yelled in triumph.

Zestly KP said "I couldn't have have done it without you".

Story inspired by KP.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's a Dog's World

My name is Corbin I know this looks wrong but I really like cats I just couldn't convince the dog catcher of my good intentions when he saw me with this cat.

I know it's hard for you to imagine that I was doing anything else with this cat but eating it so we'll start at the beginning. The day started out normal, except I got a bath that morning, man I hate those things, but any way I was out side playing fetch with my friend, his name is Andrew, when I saw a cat so natural I went over to make sure that he wasn't moving in on my territory, which of course they wouldn't admit it if he was 'cause you know a big scary dog like me would ... well you know, but he was running away from another dog and all the sudden they other dog came barreling in and you should have see the cat's expression as he ran to the nearest elevated object, which just happened to be the neighbors garden tray below their window, and stayed there. Being the nice guy that I am I got rid of the dog, after a little fight and we know who won that.. me, and tried to to get the cat to come down because I didn't want him just to stay there but when he wouldn't cooperate, me being such a good guy you know, took it upon my self to do the best thing and that was to help him down. It just so happened that the dog catcher was driving around the neighborhood just in time to see my act of righteousness and apparently he was so impressed that he couldn't believe I had an owner, I tried to tell him other wise and that he just forgot to but my collier back on after the bath but you know how those humans are they never listen, and he seamed so impressed that I thought he was going to take me with him to get an award or something but ... um it wasn't quite what I thought.

Now I'm trapped in a cage in some dark building and have nothing to do and all I can say is that I will NEVER help a cat again. O ... and if you see Andrew ... tell him I need some help.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Means ...